Lives Being Changed in Oceanside

Thanks to the collaboration of several organizations in Oceanside, lives are being changed through HOST (Homelessness Outreach Support Team). Here is a comment from a client:
"Having been homeless due to life's curves and dips and when all the supports from friends and family have failed in the past. I became truly desperate for food and shelter about a year ago. When trying to get off of the life of the cold, wet street, I was able to find and connect with the Oceanside homeless outreach team. With their help, I now am comfortable and the hardship of street life seems as though it was needed for me to grow as a better person. Little things like the weekly visits and rides to the grocery store may not seem like much to some, but I appreciate the talks and rides that I have been given by the team. They have made my life better. Now I am truly happy..."

Your donations make this possible. THANK YOU!